RRR Farms

Boarding, Training and Lessons in Southwest Ohio



In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all, please observe all of our guidelines:

  • No medication or supplements are to be given without notification and approval of RRR Farms.
  • No feed changes are to be made without the approval of RRR Farms.
  • All feeding will be done by RRR Farms.
  • Leave gates and stall doors as they were found, either open or closed.
  • Please keep personal stall decorations tasteful and to a minimum. RRR Farms reserves the right to remove anything found excessive or offensive.
  • Approved headwear is required for all riding lesson students and is highly recommended for all riders.
  • RRR Farms has helmets for students to borrow until they can purchase their own.
  • Use of RRR Farms equipment, such as forks and muck tubs, is permitted under the condition that it is returned to its designated place.
  • Please respect other peoples' horses and equipment. Damage or theft will not be tolerated and may result in the eviction of your horse.